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For MAINTENANCE, VAN DER MOLEN offers detailed SPARE PARTS-lists including a classification of the SPARE PARTS linked to their priority level in the process.

Selected SPARE PARTS are essential to the continuation of the process. Those SPARE PARTS, usually the most sensitive ones, should be put on stock immediately after purchase of the PROCESS SYSTEM and should be kept up to date during the lifetime. VAN DER MOLEN is prepared to sell and deliver those SPARE PARTS in time.

VAN DER MOLEN recommends to broaden the stocking of SPARE PARTS – a recommendation on a comfort package is provided to the client as well.

If SPARE PARTS are needed in an urgency case, our experts will provide you with the requested ones as soon as possible. VAN DER MOLEN has long lasting relationships with all of its suppliers and our experts will speed up the the provisioning process to deliver the needed SPARRE PARTS as soon as possible.

We at VAN DER MOLEN would be happy to support you in defining and running your MAINTENANCE-process – you can order our engineers on a needs basis or we can offer you a framework contract to make sure that you have proirity access to our resources. Please talk to us – we are looking forward to working with you on the best and most practicable basis.

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