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2017 – Takeover by SEPPELEC GROUP
2015 – VAN DER MOLEN broadens its customizable program for the efficient and sustainable treatment of CSD, NON-CSD, WATER, NEAR-WATER and SYRUP
2011 – World´s first 85° Brix continuous sugar dissolver CONTIMOL with a capacity of 20.000 l/h goes into operation.
2007 – VAN DER MOLEN breakthrough in the market for final beverage blending and carbonation via the newly developed MIXMOL 2K-C
2002 – The 150th dissolving system CONTIMOL is built and delivered to a customer.
2001 – Development of a new MASSMOL-C with a continuous testing System, new MASSMOL-S and MASSMOL-F with leakage-proof valves.
2000 – Expansion VAN DER MOLEN´s scope of service regarding fruit juice- and final beverage pasteurization.
1999 – VAN DER MOLEN gains an additional business component with water and waste water treatment.
1998 – Development of the first decolorizing System – DECOMOL – for cane and beet sugar, based on an ion exchanger.
1997 – Official Certificate by DIN ISO 9001 for the Quality Management System.
1996 – Introduction of the continuous mixing system for syrup MASSMOL-C, based on mass flow measurement.
Development of continuous beverage mixing system MIXMOL.
1995 – Development of modular separation chamber in the CONTIMOL.
1993 – Development of the DECOMOL, a system for the decolorization of sugar syrup via an ion exchanger.
1991 – Introduction of batch dosing system MASSMOL-F for the manufacturing of fruit juice with automatic Brix correction.
First continuous mixing system for beverages – MIXMOL – based on mass-flow measuring and automatic Brix correction.
1990 – Initiation of software-control in all control areas.
1989 – First batch dosing system MASSMOL is developed.
1988 – Development of the continuous dissolving system CONTIMOL with self-optimizing capacity.
1987 – Development of high-capacity dissolvers with automatic Brix- and water quantity calculation.
Initiation of bus-systems between centralized and decentralized control.
1985 – Integration of SPS-control into installations by VAN DER MOLEN.
1984 – First CAD-System and standardization of components.
1983 – Introduction of pneumatic conveying systems.
1981 – Construction and first use of JETMIX-systems for mixing installations.
1979 – The first continuous sugar dissolving system CONTIMOL is built.
1969 – Germany – VAN DER MOLEN GMBH is founded.
1958 – Foundation of the VAN DER MOLEN INTERNATIONAL, B.V in Wormerveer (Netherlands).